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New executive at STM.S.S.G board

Tuesday 5 February 2013, by Laurent C.

Meanwhile the formal incorporation meeting and in order to set up this meeting to be held soon, I decided to take the lead of this brillant initiative to quickly and officially create the association.

As a person engaged in nature, I was immediately seduced by this citizens’ initiative to create the association of small shareholders STMicroelectronics. ST is the company where I was working for half (the joint venture ST-Ericsson).
So I offered my help to create social media architecture for the association, with the idea to take in charge later the whole communication.

Today the first "founders" of the association want to hand over and I became a full employee of STMicroelectronics.
So I decided to take the lead on this initiative to quickly and officially create the association as soon as possible by organizing the inaugural meeting of the association was long overdue to hold.

I am very motivated by this citizens’ initiative and I will postulate to be president of the association if its members are willing to assign this responsibility for me.
The fact that I am a humanist and reformist unionist is well known, I do not currently have any responsibility other than either for the inter-related or for my site (locally).
But this well known and assumed engagement necessarily involves if I am in charge, a strong orientation but not exclusive for the association will be towards employee shareholding defense.

To join the association or to obtain more information feel free to contact me (using the new email address of the association): contact stmssg.org.

Feel free also to join our linkedin group, our twitter account or our facebook page.